Lumini Kiosk v2
Latest Innovation in Artificial Intelligence

LUMINI in an AI beauty solution that analyzes
entire facial skin in a snap and recommends
personalized cosmetic products through untact service.

  • Lumini

    Main Feature
    Hand-type skin analysis and product recommendation
    Service optimized for Consulting
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  • 3-step
    AI skincare

    • AI captures face

      It uses AI-based real-time face detection
      and lighting correction technology to accurately measure
      the entire face only with one photoshoot.

    • AI Skin Analysis

      It uses AI-deep learning technology to continuously increase the accuracy
      of skin analysis to analyze not only skin age but also 7 skin concerns such as
      wrinkles, pigmentation, redness, pores, sebum, dark circle and troubles.

    • AI Cosmetic Recommendation

      Based on skin analysis through artificial intelligence,
      we recommend products optimized for individuals by
      considering product ingredients and information.

  • LUMINI Kiosk v2

    Main Feature
    Smart Mirror type kiosk capable of
    self-measurement and product recommendation
    Self-experience service
    Usable in any offline space
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AI Skincare

  • AI Estimates real-time Age & Captures face

    AI-based big data estimate real-time age of user
    by scanning the face automatically. It detects skin data using
    lululab's special lighting and correction technology.

  • Deep learning-based Skin Score

    It uses deep learning-based AI technology to provide
    skin age and skin score on 7 categories.
    (Trouble, sebum, pores, wrinkles, pigmentation, redness and dark circle)

  • AI Cosmetic Recommendation

    Personalized cosmetic products are recommended
    based on the skin condition after analyzing ingredients
    and formulations of the products in the database.

  • AI Skin Ranking

    Skin ranking is provided by comparing the skin condition
    with the people of the same age group based on the big data.

  • AI O2O service

    Personalized reports are sent through e-mail or text to the users.
    User will be able to purchase recommended products by
    clicking on the report and visiting product homepage.

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