Yongjoon Choe

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Yongjoon Choe, Founder and CEO of lululab, received his BS in Bio Engineering from Cornell University, and then started researching DNA Genome Sequencing at Harvard Medical School. During the research period, Yongjoon Choe discovered that there is a large gap between the growth of the beauty market and the utilization of related technologies. Although skin is the main indicator of health, there is no way to predict skin troubles on the face or objectively measure the severity of existing troubles. To solve this problem, he developed a solution called "Lumini" using image processing and artificial intelligence technology in C-Lab, Samsung Electronics' venture program, together with key Samsung members. lululab aims to accurately measure the skin and use the analyzed skin data to recommend products optimized for individuals, and further promote the development of various industries through skin data.

Sangwook Yoo

The masterminds behind this innovation

"Always do our best and pursue new things"

Yoo Sang-wook, Chief Technology Officer of lululab, developed a medical image analysis algorithm at Samsung Electronics' healthcare division after receiving a doctorate in computer science from KAIST, and later developed a Lumini project at Samsung Electronics' C-Lab. Already aware of the relatively easy collection and availability of skin data while conducting machine learning-based medical image analysis research, he decided to co-start a C-Lab spin-off company in 2017 and continues to upgrade Lumini's artificial intelligence technology. Chief Technology Officer, Yoo Sang-wook aims to develop a technology that can overcome various errors that humans may overlook in the future by utilizing accumulated skin data and artificial intelligence technology.

Sejin Kim

The masterminds behind this innovation

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Sejin Kim, Chief Financial Officer of lululab, was awarded a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Yonsei University, and has the relevant expertise as a Chartered Financial Analyst(CFA) and a Chartered Financial Analyst(CFA) in Korea. He joined KPMG Korea, a global accounting firm, and conducted corporate finance and M&A advisory services for about 6 years, and experienced capital attraction and financial advisory work for overseas financial investors in KPMG Netherlands. Since then, he has been working with lululab after gaining experience in corporate investment and management at Dominus Investment, a private equity firm.
Sejin Kim, Chief Financial Officer, established a strategy to attract investment as a financial manager, secure financial soundness through systematic fund management, and establish a corporate growth strategy to stably realize lululab's vision of connecting the beauty industry based on artificial intelligence skin data.